Polestar Pilates

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, cultivating a robust online presence across social media platforms is imperative for businesses seeking meaningful connections with their intended audience.


Why they chose Picked First?

As a rapidly growing Pilates studio, Polestar Pilates Australia’s primary hurdle was to create a digital presence and connect with the health-conscious audience. To tackle this challenge, they collaborated with Picked First to develop, manage, and enhance their social media accounts.

Their goal was to naturally build a significant and engaged Instagram following, establishing the studio as the preferred choice for Pilates enthusiasts across Australia.

Challenges they faced

How Picked First helped

The nationally renowned Pilates Studio expertly leveraged the versatile toolkit of Facebook and Instagram, understanding that each feature presented a distinctive avenue for engaging their audience. They excelled in creative endeavors, from captivating Stories offering behind-the-scenes glimpses to immersive Live broadcasts that directly connected with their followers. We carefully curated their regular posts to captivate attention during scrolling, leaving a lasting impression.

This multifaceted approach, anchored in compelling content creation, community-building, and strategic feature utilisation, propelled the Pilates Studio from obscurity to undeniable social media success. It serves as a testament to the potential of a well-planned social media strategy.

Results achieved

This case study highlights the remarkable influence of deliberate social media strategies in elevating a Pilates studio from obscurity to prominence.

Through the adept utilisation of authentic content, community interaction, and compelling storytelling, the studio embarked on a remarkable journey, amassing an impressive 8,000+ Instagram followers from ground zero. This ascent not only fortified their brand but also established them as a significant wellness authority.

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