We’re building a team of the brightest minds in social

Before we work together, let’s get to know each other. We’ve been told we’re a pretty friendly bunch. 

Meet the team

Keenan Gillespie

Social media manager

(BCom - Marketing)

Greg Gillespie

Digital specialist

(BCom - Marketing)

Chloe McCreery

Social media manager

(BCom - HR & Marketing)

Ben McCreery


(BCom - Digital Marketing)

Our team is your team

Picked First is a friendly team of social media masterminds. We’re passionate about results, and we believe every business can lift their brand, boost their sales and grow their reach on the world’s best-known platforms.

The digital world is a crowded place. We work with you to cut through the competition and tell the story of your brand. Storytelling is everything on social media. We can’t wait to hear your story, share it online, and turn this into tangible growth for your business.

The mission at hand

We’re here to help small businesses maximise their digital potential through the power of social media.

Our friendly team loves working with entrepreneurs, small business owners and heads of multinationals. We’re ready to partner with you, take your brand to new heights, and see your business grow.

"We see a lot of business owners spending five, eight hours a day trying to figure out social media. Stop. Outsource what you're not an expert in."

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