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The number one form of sales-driving traffic, hands down comes from the search engines and in particular Google. We’ll help you to rise up to the top of the search results.

And that’s how you get Picked First. Simple.

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We carefully analyse and customise your SEO to drive top results.

Search engine optimisation is what we do best. We have been doing it for over 12 years now and our strategies have been refined by over 25 Google algorithm changes, establishing ourselves as one of Sydney’s top SEO companies in the process.

Effective strategies start and finish by keeping Google’s requirements front and center. By adhering to their guidelines, our SEO is effective in the short, medium, and long term.

We formulate a tailored strategy that is data-driven from the outset. Employing industry best practices ensures our years of experience working with a broad range of clients is effective in delivering your desired outcomes.

Careful analysis of the data provides us with a platform for your SEO success. By identifying the opportunities that are ripe for the picking, prioritising the urgent from the important, this enables us to create realistic time-frames for your success.

why clients work with us

We are a performance-driven agency that specialises in search marketing. It is what we do best and we deliver results consistently.

By keeping everyone in the loop, and maintaining complete transparency about what we do and why we do it, this allows for an open canvas approach that is both refreshing and effective.

For too long many an SEO client has been kept in the dark and at times have not had the foggiest of an idea, about what goes into an SEO campaign. Here is where Picked First is different from the rest.

Delivering results that you can count on, by producing effective revenue-driving outcomes on demand.

That is what we are famous for and it’s what keeps our clients coming back from more.

What we can do for you

Our process

01. Discover

All projects begin through a process of discovery.

What is the market searching for and how well is your content addressing these demands? Without knowing this, you are flying blind.

Once opportunities are outlined, we move to build an effective strategy strongly focused on return.

02. Strategise

No two situations are the same. We carefully craft a bespoke marketing plan, that seizes the discovered opportunities.

Website content is analysed and matched to discovered keyword-focused search terms.

We analyse your website’s backlinks and understand your site’s authority.

03. Implement

The first stage of implementation involves any site technical or content changes. We ensure your site is meeting algorithmic demands and your landing pages match the keywords you are targeting.

Next, our team of link builders begins the process of link building, employing our unique process of link curation and content out-reach.

04. Optimise

We report on your site’s keyword rankings and organic search volumes for all your relevant keywords.

Through a process of refinement, we optimise your site’s full potential, while keeping track of overall site metrics.

User engagement, visitor volumes, goal completions, and revenue – all important aspects with your ROI in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well for everything we do, we've been told that we're pretty underpriced. Which is nice, because that makes your decision to work with us, that much easier.

Depends on your current situation and your goals. We are always fair and transparent.

Great question. We work on a commitment of 6 or 12 months, but to set your mind at ease, we have an introductory trial period of 3 months to help get you started. 

We set measurable benchmarks and goals, to easily monitor and report on your site's progress with a suite of professional tools including Google Analytics.

Fully customised reports are provided in an easy to understand dashboard, with all the details you require to drill down to the nitty gritty.

Monitoring is daily and your reports are made available every month.

Right away. Simply fill in the free consultation form and chat with one of our team members today. 

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