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Our management service is tailored to assist brands that may have limited time, resources, or budgets in effectively handling their social media presence.


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Proudly independent, Picked First is a small but mighty social media studio located in Sydney, Australia. Our team comprises social media experts dedicated to helping small businesses like yours maximise their social media potential. 

Chances are, we’ve partnered with businesses just like yours. We collaborate closely with startups, established brands, and everyday businesses to facilitate their growth, engage with their customers, and elevate brand awareness via social media.

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We excel in handling the social media presence of our clients’ brands, tailoring our services to suit businesses dealing with time constraints, limited expertise, or resource shortages in social media management.

With over six years of experience, we’ve successfully managed brands across various niches all across Australia, delivering consistent results for our clients month after month.

We're specialists, not generalists

Distinguishing ourselves from most agencies, we concentrate on a specialised service offering. At Picked First, we firmly believe that expertise requires concentration. Therefore, our exclusive focus is on social media management for each of our clients, and at this stage, we do not offer any other services.

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