Meet the team

Before embarking on our collaborative journey, let’s acquaint ourselves. Our reputation for being an amiable and approachable team precedes us.


The people who make it happen

Keenan Gillespie


(BCom - Marketing)

Chloe McCreery

Social Media Manager

(BCom - HR & Marketing)

Ben McCreery

Social Media Manager

(BCom - Digital Marketing)

Greg Gillespie

SEO Specialist

(BCom - Marketing)

Our team will be your team

Picked First is made up of a team of success-driven social media strategists with a well-established track record of managing brands across Australia for the past six years. We have the expertise to elevate brands, boost sales, and amplify influence on the major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok.

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The mission at hand

At Picked First, our mission is straightforward: to empower brands to fully realise their social media potential. We strive to position your business at the forefront – Picked First.

Our expertise lies in harnessing the dynamic power of social media to elevate the digital presence of businesses, regardless of their scale. Whether you’re a small business owner or a multinational corporation, our collaborative team excels at magnifying brands and extending their reach across various social media platforms.

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