The West Ryde Hotel

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, cultivating a robust online presence across social media platforms is imperative for businesses seeking meaningful connections with their intended audience.


Why they chose Picked First?

The West Ryde Hotel encountered a common challenge in establishing its brand on social media and attracting a substantial following to boost its online presence. To address this, they partnered with Picked First to craft, oversee, and optimise their social media profiles.

The West Ryde Hotel initiated a comprehensive social media strategy, focusing primarily on Facebook and Instagram, because of their widespread popularity and the ability to engage with local audiences.

Challenges they faced

How Picked First helped

Understanding that captivating content is the cornerstone of social media success, the hotel curated a content calendar that seamlessly blended promotional posts with valuable, shareable information. This included stunning visuals of the hotel’s amenities, behind-the-scenes glimpses of daily operations, and compelling narratives highlighting its unique offerings.

Professional photography and aesthetically pleasing graphics were employed to showcase the hotel’s luxurious ambiance, rooms, dining options, and events. High-quality images resonated with viewers and made the hotel’s Facebook page visually appealing.

Google Rating

Results achieved

Through a well-rounded social media strategy, the famous Sydney hotel transformed its Instagram and Facebook presence from non-existent to thriving.

Through a dedicated emphasis on captivating content, the nurturing of a vibrant online community, and the effective utilisation of features on Facebook and Instagram, the hotel’s remarkable journey of growth stands as a testament and a source of inspiration for businesses aiming to establish and broaden their social media presence.

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