Polestar Pilates

Explore the journey of a nationally recognised Pilates studio as they transitioned from obscurity to social prominence within a few months. Read on below.



As a rapidly growing Pilates studio, Polestar Pilates Australia’s primary hurdle was to create a digital presence and connect with the health-conscious audience. To tackle this challenge, they collaborated with Picked First to develop, manage, and enhance their social media accounts.

Their goal was to build a significant and engaged following on Instagram naturally, establishing the studio as the preferred choice for Pilates enthusiasts across Australia.

The challenge

Our approach

The nationally renowned Pilates Studio strategically harnessed the versatile capabilities of Facebook and Instagram, recognising that each platform offered a unique opportunity to engage their audience. They excelled in their creative efforts, from captivating stories that provided behind-the-scenes glimpses to immersive live broadcasts that established direct connections with their followers. They thoughtfully curated their regular posts to capture attention while scrolling, leaving a lasting impact.

This multifaceted approach, centred around compelling content creation, community building, and strategic use of platform features, propelled the Pilates Studio from obscurity to undeniable success on social media.

What did we achieve?

This case study underscores the significant impact of purposeful social media strategies in transforming a Pilates studio from obscurity to prominence.

By effectively leveraging authentic content, engaging with the community, and crafting compelling narratives, the studio embarked on an extraordinary journey, accumulating an impressive following of over 8,000 on Instagram from scratch. This ascent not only strengthened their brand but also solidified their position as a prominent authority in the wellness industry.

Is your business ready to get social?

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