Hughes Limousines

Experience personalised chauffeur-driven luxury Hughes Chauffeured Cars. Australia’s oldest and finest luxury transport company.


Hughes Limousines, established in 1904, are Australia’s leading limousine service.

Hughes Limousines wanted a digital marketing partner that could efficiently and dynamically increase their website traffic by improving their social media presence and search engine rankings in the Australian market.

The campaign objectives were to:


Relevant content, on-page optimisation, coupled with increased high authority sites linking to the Hughes website.

Hughes Limousines recently updated its website to include a new booking system and a sharper brand. One thing they lacked was a strong presence in the search results and on social media. By attracting links from high authority websites, we improved the quality score of the Hughes website.

We modified the on-site elements of their website to meet the stringent standards demanded by Google, and this pulled the Hughes website into line. We tweaked text, images, and the underlying code to achieve this.


Fundamentally all of our clients receive a bespoke, tailored experience that caters specifically to the intricacies within their organisations.

Building a long-term relationship between client and agency has lead to flourishing business growth, creating a win-win for all involved.

Polestar Pilates has remained a satisfied client since 2017.

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