Case Study: glicks furniture

How Glicks Furniture saw dramatic improvements after a near-death digital marketing experience

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Glicks Furniture had been totally dependent on high-expense Google Ads, sending the company broke.

Glicks Furniture was nearly bankrupted by a Sydney-based digital marketing company that took them to the cleaners and provided nothing that had been promised.

Reaching out to us to help reduce their dependence on expensive paid advertising, Glicks Furniture hoped to rebuild their profits.

The campaign objectives were to:


On-page optimisation, coupled with increased high authority sites linking to Glick's Furniture website.

To reestablish a solid online presence in organic search results, we curated a strong base of high authority backlinks to Glicks Furniture from other high-quality websites. We removed or disabled prior low-quality links in order to increase search engine rankings in the three main search engines, with a strong focus on Google local.

Being a direct-to-public outlet based in Sydney, geographically-orientated keyword rankings were crucial. Ultimately we reduced the high cost of Google’s paid advertising program, Adwords.


Top rankings were achieved, and over 5,000+ monthly visitors were gained in just 4 months.

Reliance on paid traffic reduced by 90% and increased online organic traffic went up by 263%. Glicks was delighted to finally find a digital marketing agency that delivered on its promises. Yes, they do exist!

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