Case Study: Gee sheepskin

How an iconic Australian brand, Gee Sheepskin, generated 425% more online sales 

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UGG boots are an Aussie invention, but Gee Sheepskin was in need of reinvention.

The iconic UGG brand is well established, but a local distributor of the footwear brand had a website that was well and truly dated.

Previous digital marketing efforts had provided little, if any, improvement in revenue.

The campaign objectives were to:


Redesign their outdated website with a fully custom WordPress theme. Create a new WooCommerce platform in order to build search engine ranking sales.

Gee Sheepskin required a brand new web presence, and the starting point was a site redesign.

Keywords were analysed and competitors profiled in order to establish an effective marketing plan.

WordPress was chosen along with WooCommerce for a ground-up site redesign. This allowed us to be able to build a fully optimised site, complete with laser-focused landing pages.

Setting a realistic expectation of 3-6 months before any real business producing traffic would arrive, the client was in need of some fresh, instant traffic.

Facebook advertising, being highly targeted geographically and demographically, lasered in on the right audience for the short- to medium-term results required.

Social media ads were implemented in order to capture a cost-effective ROI over the long term.


Instant traffic attracted new clients from the get-go, along with a 425% increase in online sales during the quoted timeframe.

Building a long-term relationship between client and agency has led to flourishing business growth, creating a win-win for both parties.

With a return on investment running into 347%, Gee Sheepskin has remained a satisfied client since 2018.

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