Pop Up Picnic

Pop Up Picnic had zero social media or search engine presence with a desperate need to be seen.

The challenge

Pop Up Picnic came to us with a brilliant business model idea and a brand new website, but little to show for it online.

Reaching out to us, they were seeking a cost-effective way to attract new customers to their fledgling business.

Our strategy

We established a solid online presence in the organic search results by curating a strong posse of high authority backlinks from other top-quality websites. The challenge was even more difficult as Google favours existing website domains with high authority and a long history.

To achieve this, we needed to achieve no reliance on Google Ads. Social media was utilised to attract the right crowd. From this point, the all-important traffic began to flow.

The results

Pop Up Picnic quickly gained a solid reputation and a better brand image, establishing itself as the leading picnic catering company in Australia. With a list of 40+ top rankings and a thriving social media presence, they are now well and truly positioned to feed those hungry crowds.

Case studies

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