Case Study: Jacks Poker

How Australia’s largest poker supplier, Jacks Poker generated 370% more website revenue

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Jack's Poker Australia is an eTailer of fine at-home game products.

Supplying the Australian market with “at-home” pokerwares, Jack’s Poker Australia, were in need of a sales stream that was currently eluding them.

Without any search engine presence, they required a quick solution in order to build sales and turn a profit immediately.

The campaign objectives included:


With a fully functioning eCommerce platform ready to go, the only thing missing for Jack's Poker was customers. We had to find them. And we did.

Jack’s Poker required a stream of actively interested website traffic that could only come from one source.

Keywords were analysed and competitors profiled in order to come up with an effective Facebook marketing plan.

By selecting the best audience and utilising “lookalike” demographics, Facebook stands unrivaled as the instant traffic marketers tool. Setting a realistic expectation of instant “on-demand” traffic, the site and customer funnels had to be put in place in a high converting manner.

Facebook advertising, being highly targeted geographically and demographically, lasered in on the right audience for the short- to medium-term results required. 


Instant traffic produced sales from the get-go, along with a 485% return on investment in the first six months.

Building a long-term relationship between client and agency has lead to flourishing business growth, creating a win-win for all involved.

With a long-term return on investment of approximately 370%, Jack’s Poker has been reeling in the profits consistently. With returns like that, it is fair to say that Jack’s Poker placed a very safe bet by choosing to work with Picked First.

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