Social Media Management

No time to manage your social media? Yep we hear you and that’s why it’s the wisest decision to completely outsource this tiresome task. We take care of creation and management of all your social media, so you have time to do what matters most.

Want to hear about how we have totally rocked the boat for other business owners just you like yourself? Sure you do, so just scroll down and hear some of their [ totally awesome ] stories. You could be next!

Social Media Ads

We utilise Facebooks data, in order to drive targeted traffic instantly.

Picked First social media gurus are master artists when it comes to painting the right picture of your perfect customer.

Facebook has fostered a marketers dream. User data and tons of it.

With this knowledge comes power to the people who need to find where their target audience hangs out.

As a second cousin to search marketing and a powerful arm for the backup trenches of re-marketing, Facebook offers an unprecedented opportunity, to draw out your audience in ways they simply like to be distracted.

Our approach is very effective and gets people curious enough to leave Facebook and consider the possibilities. The rest as they say is history, and Facebook tracks it all, growing evermore useful for the marketers widening net.

why clients work with us

We are a performance driven agency that specialises in search marketing. It is what we do best and we deliver results consistently.

By keeping everyone in the loop, and maintaining complete transparency about what we do and why we do it, this allows for an open canvas approach that is both refreshing and effective.

For too long many an SEO client have been kept in the dark and at times have not had the foggiest of an idea, about what goes into a SEO campaign. Here is where Picked First are different from the rest.

Delivering results that you can count on, by producing effective revenue driving outcomes on demand.

That is what we are famous for and it’s what keeps our clients coming back from more.

What we can do for you

Our process

Discover /01

All projects begin through a process of discovery.

What is the market searching for and how well is your content addressing these demands? Without knowing this, you are flying blind.

Once opportunities are outlined, we move to building an effective strategy strongly focused on return.

Strategise /02

No two situations are the same. We carefully craft a bespoke marketing plan, that seizes the discovered opportunities.

Your customer profiles are carefully analysed and matched to relevant and interesting content.

With a content profile, we formulate your social media marketing plan.

Implement /03

By placing relevant and highly distracting content (ads that don’t look like ads) in front of your laser targeted audience, the process of new customer procurement begins.

Next our team of social media gurus create a content stream that is fresh, always changing and just enough enticement to drag the most reluctant user away from their social time, into the world of possibilities that your brand’s offering dangles before them.

Adjust /04

We report on your campaign’s progress and engagement levels.

Through a process of refinement, we optimise your campaigns with what is working and retiring what is not.

User engagement, visitor volumes, goal completions and revenue – all important aspects with your ROI in mind, allowing us to build our own data over time that enhances the long term approach of enticement through knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions