Case Study: Superior Shine

How Superior Shine became a market leader in just 6 months


Superior Shine is a leading supplier of auto protection technology.

The owner of the company Scott Fern had been referred to us by one of our happy customers, after suffering at the hands of an appalling digital marketing service provider for the previous two years.

Desiring to dominate the auto enthusiast marketplace with their Ceramic Pro nanotechnology offering, Superior Shine realised that the only way forward was to find a reliable supplier who was able to deliver on their promises.

This led them to the doors of Picked First.

The campaign objectives were to:


Superior Shine had distributors across the nation, but what they lacked was a demand for their products. Brand awareness was paramount, and that is where we began.

After a solid session with Scott, we were able to establish the grassroots of success by understanding the market landscape for their “after market” sales-driven process.

Having two ways to penetrate the auto industry allowed them to reach out to new car buyers in the after-sales stakes.

We identified Superior Shine’s competition and analysed their strengths and weaknesses. This allowed us the opportunity to build a foundation for greater success based on discoverable data.

Implementing this strategy gave Superior Shine the confidence that they were dealing with professionals, unlike what they’d been accustomed to in the past.


A strong and steady increase over months and years, as Picked First became their partner to success.

Building a long-term relationship between client and agency has led to flourishing business growth, creating a win-win for all involved.

With a strong return on investment, Superior Shine was able to capture a larger slice of the after-sales market and propel their Ceramic Pro brand to the top of the market in Australia.

With returns like that, it is fair to say that by choosing to work with Picked First, Superior Shine has a sparkling success story to show for itself.

Having enjoyed these benefits, Scott became a great source of referrals in the auto industry for a good number of years, proving that not all digital marketing agencies are created equal.

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